At NextMapping™ we look to the future – the ultimate future is about our kids. We passionately believe that providing kids with ‘leadership’ skills will not only help them navigate the challenges now but also make the future of work workplace a better place and ultimately the world.

We created Kids Can Lead as one of our ways to give back – we do annual programs for kids and we are working on a passion project of creating a gamified website to help kids learn fundamental leadership skills.

Our Vision: Create a better future by preparing our future leaders…kids!

The biggest excitement for us is the impact on kids worldwide AND we will be giving generously to a number of charities that are focused on children.”

Reg & Cheryl Cran, Founders

How it works: The 4 C’s for Kids Can Lead

We are creating a Kids Can Lead portal where children and their parents or teachers will be able to access leadership skills for kids. We are partnering with like-minded childrens groups to help kids be our future ready leaders.

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Self-confidence is founded on healthy self-esteem, we help kids to build their confidence in themselves which helps them to make good decisions and to creatively problem solve.


We teach that having courage is similar to a ‘super power’ to have the ability to speak up for themselves, to stay true to themselves and how to stand up for what is right.

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We help kids learn the importance of body language, intention and words and how they impact the way they feel about themselves as well as the words they choose to impacts others.


We help kids to see that building character is a key aspect of being a leader. Building character includes doing what’s right when no one is watching and choosing to think with a ‘me to we’ mindset.