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Anyone of Any Title Can Lead Change

August 20, 2012

I just finished my keynote for ILTA and the room was filled with legal technology professionals. These are the crucial people that help law firms function. My message for this group was that there are three things we can control when dealing with fast change and that is:
#1- How we lead ourselves and how we see ourselves will determine our success when working in today’s workplace reality of different personalities, different generations and different attitudes around technology.

#2- When it comes to technology if you are tech savvy it would be helpful to develop your people savvy skills and if you are more people centered you want to build your tech savvy skills. It’s about bringing everything into balance. As we move forward with the continued pace of fast change we need to each be developing  our skills so that we can be move effective and collaborative.

#3- Gen Y loves change and expects it and love the fast pace, Gen X likes that technology allows them to be able to work and still make their kids soccer game and Zoomers are a little more cynical with change when it comes to adding new technology or convincing a Zoomer to change the way they do things. We must be aware of the different attitudes that exist based on generation and personality types.

The key message is to remember that in the midst of chaos we must have a ‘peaceful center’ a core operating system where we as individuals can see the bigger picture, can see beyond the surface issues and look more deeply into what is behind a challenge and then focus on the future and the solutions.

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