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Are You a Tech Savvy & People Focused Leader?

August 20, 2012

Today’s work environment requires leaders with a multiple of skills the two most important skills needed to drive the business forward is to be tech savvy AND people focused. These skills can be seen as being opposite to each other. Typically tech savvy people are analytical, structured and process personalities whereas a people focused leader is empathetic, social and engaging.

For those of us who have done personality testing such as Myers Briggs, DISC or others you will know that in most of the personality grids the analytical are opposite to the people focused. The thinking used to be that opposites did not get along but in my experience as a leadership consultant the best leaders are those who can reconcile the opposites. This means if you are more of a tech savvy leader you MUST learn and develop your people focus skill set in order to be engaging and to create greater engagement and loyalty from your team.

If you are more of a people focused leader you MUST learn as much as you can about technology in order to be more effective as a leader, to connect with the range of skill set on your team and to stay on top of innovation as the leader.

If you are already a tech savvy & people focused leader then you will be relatively stress free :) Seriously though we need to assess our skills sets and see where we can improve in both of these areas. With today’s multi generational workplace leaders need to be more adaptable than ever before.

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