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The Best Way to Compete in The Future is to Create It

February 20, 2018

Innovation and creativity are key future of work collateral AND you need a plan to create the future.

The best way to compete in the future is to create it.

Leaders and entrepreneurs can generate a plethora of ideas but no idea no matter how bold will not soar without wings and a flight plan.

Many tech start ups use storyboarding and design thinking to generate customer oriented innovations – the process is to walk through a planned product or service as a customer.

The successful execution of a plan requires a road map. A map plots out the project in a visual and timeline specific format that allows for everyone to follow clear and visible steps to achieve the goals of getting idea to market or to transformation of an existing product or service.

That’s where our newly created brand comes in – on March 15th we are launching NextMapping TM – a proprietary process and approach to help leaders, teams and entrepreneurs be future ready now.

In our research and customer surveys we found that there are many resources and experts that talk about the future of work and none that provide a map on how to create your future now.

At NextMapping TM we don’t believe in a far off future focus – we want to help our clients to create the future they envision for their company, their clients and their employees.

Many futurists point out an almost dystopian view of the future where robots, AI and automation are going to take away jobs and overrun the world.

We take a different approach – we believe that the future is what we create.

Humans get to decide on the positive impact of robots, AI and automation, as long as technological innovation is focused on human life enhancement and work happiness then we can create that future.

For over 20 years I have been passionately studying, researching and sharing all things to do with ‘human evolution’ – helping leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to shift their thinking, to change their behaviors, to creatively solve customer challenges and ultimately to change the world by helping business be ‘human centric’.

Competition is no longer within an industry, disruption can come from anywhere and following a success story is no longer guaranteed proof on your own success. The only way to compete in the future is to focus on transforming both employee and customer experience in exponential ways.

Digital transformation is simply one tool for delivering on the ultimate outcome which is to help humans lead more fulfilling and happy lives at home and at work.

Right now if you and your teams are focused on how you can change the world through business you are on the right trajectory for future success. If your focus is on defending whats worked in the past or protecting the status quo …..well then you may want to shift your attention and focus to creating a better future for your customers and employees.

Strategically there is a completely different approach to defending against threats (the SWOT) or dynamically focusing on how to innovate and implement at the speed of change.



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