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Read the latest insights from Cheryl Cran on the future of all things, the future of work, being a better human, leadership stories and solutions, worker success strategies, and more.

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22 Trends for 2022

There has been an unprecedented amount of change in 2021. At NextMapping, we have researched the 22 Trends for 2022. Every single one of us has had both life change and work change. Whether you have gone back to the office in a hybrid workplace, or you have changed jobs, or your position is full […]

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How An Attitude of Gratitude Builds Resilience.

I had a recent lesson and reminder of how an attitude of gratitude builds resilience. The other day I was traveling back from the US into Canada. To get into the US I had a Covid test, to come back to Canada I had a Covid test and when I arrived at the airport I […]

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Hybrid Workplace Video

Hybrid workplace is here to stay and here is our newest hybrid workplace video. When talking about hybrid workplace it is definitely not a one size fits all. There is not single way for an organization to do hybrid. Some companies are setting up hybrid where all employees must be in the office one or […]

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Workers Shortage To Continue to At Least 2030

25% Increase in Workers Seeking Remote Work in 2022

21% Increase in Freelance Work in Past Year

70% Of Leaders Say They Are Hiring MORE in 2022


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