Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching - Cheryl Cran

Do you feel confident about the future? Are you excited about the possibilities for you and your business in the future?

Our NextMapping™ leadership coaching will provide you with the frameworks, support and guidance to create your best possible future. Every successful person uses a business coach or leadership coaching in the form of a mentor/coach/guide.

Our NextMapping™ certified business coaches will partner with you to build strategy, inspire your future of work mindset and help you develop the skills needed for you to thrive and excel in fast paced and fast changing times.

The ongoing pace of disruption will continue to exponentially increase - your next competitor is the entrepreneur with a mindset that created Air BNB, Uber, Dropbox and Tesla.”

Peter Diamandis

There are two types of mindsets...

… that people have about the future:

1. I will worry about it when it actually affects me/the business… OR 2. Bring it on! I am excited about the future and am going to do everything I can to be ready for me/my team/the business. The first mindset is a scarcity mindset focused on protecting the status quo and a fear of change. The second mindset is an abundance mindset that focuses on taking control and empowered action to map out your own amazing future. One of the biggest challenges for leaders, teams and entrepreneurs is staying inspired and focused on the future. Many leaders focus on the day to day realities, putting out fires and often lose focus of vision or leading towards an inspiring future. In order to create sustainable and repeatable upgraded behaviors leaders need to have a strategy founded on creating a compelling ‘what’s next’ along with accountability to make the necessary changes to be future ready. There is a science to transformation and behavioral scientists have identified the key elements of making sustainable changes with an eye on the future. Those key elements include a willingness to change, flexibility of mindset, new behaviors and a focus on a compelling ‘why’.

How Leadership Coaching works:

At NextMapping we have a proprietary coach process that helps leaders, team members and entrepreneurs to take their success to the ‘next’ level. We use the six steps of NextMapping to develop a custom coach plan that starts with where you are now and where you want to go. We start with an analysis of your current situation through our Discover process and throughout your leadership coaching program we help to identify the strengths and areas of opportunity for you to increase your effectiveness and results. Our coaches are certified NextMapping professionals and utilize our unique coach/consult approach to working with you. Leadership coaching requires you as a leader to be willing to self – assess, to be accountable to making change and be committed to leading change with your teams. As your personal leadership coach we hold you accountable to your goals, we partner with you to Ideate new strategies, we help you to map out a plan to create the future that you want. You are already successful! The most successful leaders invest in having outside perspective and support of a leadership coach. Whether you have already had leadership coaching or not we can help you to achieve your exponential goals.

Our integrative strategies

Our integrative strategies include science, data, human skills and process to create powerful lasting changes.

We here at NextMapping™ have a proven process and leadership coaching approach to help you:

  • Navigate the fast pace of change and ongoing disruption with confidence and ease
  • Build your real time creativity and innovation skills
  • Reframe your biggest challenges into your biggest opportunities
  • Gain greater context on your ‘why’ and what’s next for you and your business
  • Recalibrate and upgrade the “OS” (mindset) focused on abundance and provide change leadership with an inspiring vision of the future
  • Lead your teams and company with strategies that increase employee motivation, loyalty and contributions
  • Innovate client service delivery to create raving brand fans for your company
  • Leverage digitization strategies to increase efficiencies for self and the business
  • Exponentially grow the business

A great question to ask yourself

“What do I/we need to change in order to be considerably further ahead in our goals and results one year from now?”

You are already successful – AND using NextMapping™ leadership coaching can guarantee you will make the progress that matches your best laid plans. The reality is that you are likely running as fast as you can, your energy goes from overwhelming to being inspired in a repeatable pattern and you know that having more periods of inspiration and focused action will lead you to your goals. You may make promises to yourself and your team that don’t get made due to lack of time or lack of prioritization. The ‘what’ that needs to change is the focus on creating your phenomenal future with the help of an accountability partner, a NextMapping™ business coach. Our NextMapping™ leadership coaching helps leaders just like you using our proven NextMapping™ coach approach to help you achieve your goals. Email us at michelle@NextMapping.com to book your no obligation complimentary session.