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Can You Measure Your Evolution As a Leader?

May 20, 2013

When is the last time you reflected on the progress you have made as a leader?
What are you most proud of in your evolution as a leader?
These types of question can help you measure your evolution as a leader. As human beings we are all a work in progress. We aspire to be as effective and to make a positive impact on those we lead and work with. Yet we may get sidetracked by tasks, projects and speedy demands.

As a leadership expert I consider it my imperative to continually remind my clients to look at the progress they have made as a leader. The role of leader can be thankless and tireless and if we do not prioritize measuring our progress we can burn out or become jaded and cynical. Evolution is more than growth, evolution is about raising our standards, our thoughts and behaviors to a new level that is maintained. An evolutionary leader is not satisfied with task progress or project progress rather he or she is looking to make a profound impact on the people they lead. The questions that an evolutionary leader asks themselves are deep and require honesty. The answers determine the progress in a leaders evolution.

Here are some evolutionary questions you can ask yourself to measure your evolution as a leader:

1. Have I helped each member of my team to grow as an individual and to become a better version of themselves?

2. Have I coached someone out of their job because I could see that their talent was not going to be put to maximum use working in my department?

3. Have I delegated a task or project of high visibility and recognition to one of my top performing employees?

4. Am I consistent in my actions of coaching and developing the talent of my team members?

5. Am I open and flexible to personalities, opinions and dynamics of my team?

6. Do I consistently provide honest and helpful feedback to further develop my team members?

7. Do I consistently deal with my team members who are not performing up to team standards?

8. When I look in the mirror do I feel a deep sense of satisfaction with my leadership abilities?

If you answered yes to each of these questions then you are truly an evolutionary leader, if you answered no to more than 2 of these questions you are likely feeling more stress and less joy in your leadership role.

Being a master evolutionary leader requires a focus on others, growing, supporting and guiding others to be the best they can be. I call this the ‘share’ level on the four levels of leadership awareness spiral- leaders who consistently maintain level four awareness are highly effective, happy in their role and have maximum creativity.

Evolutionary leaders grow the business through their own skill development and their ability to lead others to high performance.

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