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Do Engaged Workers Need An Office?

September 5, 2022

In today’s post pandemic hybrid workplace do engaged workers need an office?

Many leaders are debating the workplace culture issue.

Some leaders believe engagement means everyone in office and other leaders believe that engaged workers don’t need an office.

What do you think? Do you think engaged workers need an office?

We have surveyed thousands of leaders , the responses confirm that there is a tsunami of change when it comes to worker attitudes.

Workers want more flexibility and they want options in how they work, where they work and to have true life/work balance.

Here’s quick overview of some of the responses we’ve received from our surveys:

The hybrid workplace is continuing to evolve. The workplace culture dialogue is ongoing and leaders are evaluating the best way as to how work is done.

There is no right way or process to the perfect workplace set up.

Our research has found that workers want to work remotely on average two days a week.

About 30% of workers prefer to work primarily in office where they feel more productive.

Workers who work in office have stated that its their preference to work in office. However, in office workers also want flexibility to work remotely.

An engaged culture in a hybrid workplace isn’t as simple as making everyone’s job remote – for many industries remote work for everyone is just not possible yet.

We are in a workplace renaissance – we need to look at the data of what workers want.

Leaders need to set up the workplace structures to support how workers want to work.

We also need to recognize that creating an engaged culture in a hybrid reality is indeed possible.

An engaged culture is comprised of people who are aligned with collectively working as a team while driving results for clients.

Leaders and teams need to focus on the alignment of mission/values/goal with individual workers preferences on how to get the work done.

Change is here and its time to debunk the myth that and engaged culture happens only when people are in office.

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