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Evolution of Leadership Is Key to Future of Work

March 12, 2016

Evolution of Leadership Is Key to Future of Work

When you think about your past work experience or the leaders you worked for have you made peace with the good and the bad?

When we work with a ‘bad’ leader we get to learn a number of things including:

  1. What NOT to do as a leader
  2. That perhaps the bad leader never had the role models, the coaching or the feedback to improve
  3. That without the contrast of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ leadership we would not be able to discern the ‘range’ of what constitutes fantastic leadership.

Evolutionary leaders need to see the gifts in all of their experiences whether we label them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

We need to see the gifts from both bad and good leaders.

We may not see the gifts right away , its often in hindsight – I remember the worst leader I worked for that forced me to leave the comfort of my financial career and to take a risk in a different industry. If he had not been such a bad boss I would not have made a major change in my career.

And I remember the MOST influential leader in my finance career who said, “one day my goal  for you is to far surpass me in your career’ and HE was the leader that set me on the path of seeking my life long mission of understanding and teaching master leadership.

The gifts great leaders are:

  1. They model what great masterful leadership looks like for us
  2. They inspire us to want to grow, to seek and to never stop learning
  3. They remain a positive memory imprint in how we lead and inspire others through our leadership

What are the gifts that the bad leaders have given you?

What are the legacy gifts that fantastic leaders have given you?

One of the major keys to being future ready now is to develop evolutionary leadership – leaders that seeks to constantly learn and evolve.

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