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Leadership Skills for Kids Announces Exciting Launch Offering Web and App Based Leadership Programs for Children of all Ages

October 3, 2016

cheryl-cran-kidscanleadWhy leave the development of future leaders up to chance? Leadership Skills for Kids is a new program, developed by a team with over twenty years’ experience teaching winning leadership skills, that uses a gamified teaching method via append online that cultivates, teaches and inspires leadership qualities and decision making skills in kids of all ages and from all social backgrounds.

September 25, 2016

In a fast paced, increasingly pressure filled world, even children can find themselves under a great deal of stress.  Unfortunately, this is a something that neither schools nor most parents are able to address effectively.  Enter Leadership Skills for Kids, a new opportunity offered through Evolutionary Business Solutions Inc., that specializes in creating and delivering programs that encourage the development of leadership skills in children – skills that can help them, and even the kids in their social circles, be better prepared to handle in a healthy way whatever life may throw at them.

“My wife and I have two decades of experience teaching leadership skills to adults in a way that’s helped them be ultimately more successful and more resilient,” commented Reg Cran, co-founder of Leadership Skills for Kids.  “Our new effort here, is directed at kids and it’s something we feel beyond passionate about.  Our hope is to bring on board some great sponsors and to train through or programs increasing numbers of kids in real leadership skills that can make them better people or prepared to face life head on.”

According to the company, Leadership Skills for Kids delivers their skill building programs through the web or via app.  The programs use a “gamified” model, where the training is presented within the context of a fun and challenging game.  This model has been proven to be one of the best in teaching kids and having them retain valuable information.

Some of the qualities that Leadership Skills for Kids help to develop include: confidence, commitment, character and courage, to help face things like bullying, overcome peer pressure, standing up for themselves and much, much more.

Currently, Evolutionary Business Solutions Inc, the parent company for Leadership Skills for Kids is seeking both organizations and people who would like to invest in kids by helping donate towards launching their web and app based programs.  Donors, if they choose, could have their names credited with helping build Leadership Skills for Kids or remain completely anonymous.

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