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New Leadership Language Needed For Future Workplace

March 11, 2015

leadershiplanguageThe evolution of leadership from autocratic to inclusive is a journey that many leaders are still looking to master. Making the change from a mindset of authority and power towards a mindset of sharing successes and equalization of power is a big one.

One of the key ingredients of leading change is the ability to lead with the new leadership language that is required to inspire and engage today’s workforce and to set the tone for the future workplace.


You have heard the phrase ‘you can get more bees with honey’ and it has never been more needed than in today’s workplace. Research has shown that Gen Y’s (those in their 20’s to early 30’s) do not respond to the criticism that many Traditionalists and Zoomers (baby boomers who refuse to age) have had to endure. However Gen Y’s do respond to coaching, feedback and skill development aka ‘honey’.

If you say to a Gen Y, “it took me thirty years to get here kid and unless you work as hard as I did you are never going to make it” that is not going to inspire and engage anyone let alone a Gen Y.

Instead if you say to a Gen Y, “my goal for you is to far surpass me in your career and I want to help you get there, it’s going to take focus and effort on your part but I will give you all the tools to succeed in less time than it took me” you will not only have an inspired and engaged Gen Y you will have created longer loyalty.

The difference in energy in each of those statements is simply that the first statement is about power, authority and ‘bringing the Gen Y’ down a notch. The second statement when said sincerely requires a leader who has gotten over the ego of himself or herself and instead focuses on creating shared value for both employees and clients.

The future workplace requires everyone to engage in language that is inclusive, valuing of the persons personality, gender, generation and work style and focused on creative solutions.

The new language comes from ‘rewiring the brain’ to think in ways that create shared value, that bring energy and enthusiasm to others and focused on ‘success for all’.

In my new book coming out this fall titled, “The Art of Change Leadership -Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced World” (Wiley USA)  I provide more examples and ideas on how change leaders can rewire the brain, upgrade the leadership operating system with new thought programs and how to use language that helps to lead the changes needed to create the successful workplaces of tomorrow- today.


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