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New Leadership Training for ‘The Future of Work’

March 1, 2017

Vancouver, BC — 02/12/2017 — Evolutionary Leadership Training Announces Breakthrough Online Programs with Coaching on the “Future of Work” led by Visionary Cheryl Cran

Facts are facts, and the old leadership styles in business are no longer effective.  The good news is new methods, shown to revolutionize organizations, are available if a person knows where to look.  Enter Evolutionary Leadership Training who recently announced they are offering online leadership training with Cheryl Cran – an unparalleled expert on the subject,  preparing leaders and organizations for the “Future of Work”.

Change in all areas of business is happening at a faster pace and the idea that leadership styles and methods developed decades ago will still perform optimally today, seems to many like very wishful thinking.  The hard performance data reports that leadership improvement is one of the highest priorities organizations must pay attention to. While seemingly a bit eye-opening, this opens the door for real opportunities for growth, increased performance and happier workplaces for business leaders who take the time to learn what does work best here and now.  Evolutionary Leadership Training are leaders in the drive to get leaders and organizations caught up to speed, recently announcing in very exciting news they are making available online training and coaching with one of the business world’s most visionary and revolutionary leaders, Cheryl Cran.  Cheryl has won wide praise for her breakthrough leadership strategies that have delivered benefits and have touched on all areas of people’s lives often leading to very remarkable transformations.

“The fast pace of change makes real demands on leaders who need to be up to the task,” commented Cheryl about her work with Evolutionary Leadership Training.  “The training we provide can help in a very real way and the results can be seen both in the short and the very long term.  Let us help you overcome these challenges and make your success unprecedented.”

According to Evolutionary Leadership Training, some of the areas Cheryl’s online training programs have been shown to deliver results in include highlights like:  learning how to recruit top talent; how to master the fast pace of change; understanding how to cultivate employee happiness; and mastering the art of developing leaders of the future.  Evolutionary Leadership Training coaches, skilled in Cheryl’s methods put participants through real life situations, showing ways these can be met and overcome in new ways where everyone involved can benefit.

Feedback for the Evolutionary Leadership Training with Cheryl Cran’s work has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I found this to be a great experience for individuals at any level of an organization, not limited to those in a traditional leadership position. I believe having a personal coach was the best part of the program, in my experience, as it helped reaffirm the course materials and the questions they asked really made me think how I could become a better leader.”           ~ B. Wilkins Omnitel Communications
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