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Real Time Creative Solutions Needed to Lead with 2020 Vision

April 1, 2015

If there is one skill that is needed for leaders today as we head to 2020 it is the ability to come up with real time creative solutions. I am talking about in the moment solutions that come from a place  of, ‘how can we make this work?’ rather than habitual habits of the brain to put up barriers or excuses to progress.

In my keynote I delivered today, “Lead with 2020 Vision – Build the Future Workplace Today” I shared this concept as a key success tool for all of us moving forward.

A few questions for you to test your creative mind:

When interacting with others in one on one discussions do you automatically focus on what you have in common with him or her?

When interacting with a group or in a meeting do you focus on ‘adding value’ and energy to the meeting by expanding on others ideas?

When faced with a challenging situation do you go to expansion thoughts or do you go to fear or CYA?

Most of us are probably somewhere in the middle in that we do think of creative solutions but NOT as a primary way of thinking. With the speed of technology and with the diversity in the workplace we MUST be building our creative muscles in order to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces

A great book for expanding creative thinking is “How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci” – its been around for a while and its still a standby for me.

Also practicing the speed with which you can come up with creative solutions is an excellent ongoing exercise. When you are watching the news, reading a newspaper or interacting with others practice coming up with idea after idea, do not worry about the veracity of the idea simply practice being an eternal source of creative solutions.

There is so much energy when we focus on ‘what can be done’ rather than  on ‘what can’t be done’.

The future workplace success is completely reliant on individuals that are creative and focused on solutions.

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