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Survey Says! What Workers Want When They Return To The Office

August 4, 2021

At NextMapping we sent out a survey June 2021 to our newsletter subscribers asking them what they felt about the hybrid workplace and what they want when they return to the office.

The survey was sent out prior to the latest increase of the COVID Delta variant and when many businesses were planning to go back to normal in the Fall.

In addition to the survey we sent out I have been talking with clients and have heard from many leaders and team members that the majority do not want to have to be mandated back to the office.

The questions and the responses to the survey are as follows:

Q1. How do you feel about some companies plan to mandate all workers back to the office in the Fall?

Survey responses: 12% of respondents agree with mandating workers back to the office

40% of respondents disagree with mandating workers back to the office

40% of respondents stated that if workers are mandated back to the office that people will leave

Q2. If you were given a choice how would you want to work in a hybrid environment what would you choose?

9.09% of respondents stated they want to work in the office full time

36.36% of respondents stated that they would choose to work primarily remote

54.55% of respondents stated that they would choose to work remote at least 2 days a week

Q3. What resources would you like your company to provide so that you can work your best in a hybrid workplace?

36.36% of respondents said data privacy so that they can access all work materials securely

9.09% of respondents said new laptops so that they can work from anywhere (office/home)

9.09% of respondents said an ergonomic set up for their home office for well being

45.45% said that they would like ‘all of the above’

There is still time for you to share your input – I look forward to your insights.