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The Future of Leadership

August 29, 2019

There’s a new reality happening in the future of leadership.

The new workplace reality has been created because of rapid technology growth and innovation along with fast changing worker attitudes.

Leaders are dealing with a shortage of skilled workers, workers who want to work remotely and workers looking for contracts such as the ‘gig worker’ trend.

The leadership skills and approaches of the past no longer work for today’s current reality and for the workplace of the future. The future of leadership will be very different than it is today.

Leaders need to be ‘future ready’ and this means having high level technology skills AND a focus on ‘people first’. A leader who is focused on ‘people first’ is a leader whose primary focus is employee experience as well as customer experience.

Future ready leaders are those who have multiple intelligences and who are able to inspire, engage and bring along teams to help create the future.

Our team at NextMapping has put together this video of statistics on future of leadership.

Take a watch and see if you and your leaders are ‘future ready now’.

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