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The Results Your Team Produces Are a Reflection of YOU as a Leader

March 19, 2014


Can you remember when you worked for a leader who inspired you to grow, learn and work harder?

 Tune in and remember what energy that leader had/has- what would you say that leaders ‘energy signature’ was?

 For example Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook  energy brand is feminine leadership and how women can lead effectively with an integrated masculine/feminine approach.

 Oprah’s energy is wise and inspiring – perfect for helping millions of people to learn and grow.

 Last month I worked for a major healthcare company and the VP who spoke before me said that it was important for all of his leaders to focus on ‘energy management’.

 In other words his philosophy was that how a leader managers his or her energy was the key to future success.

 Tom- is a well loved leader- after I presented my session on ‘leading change’ and my ‘energy management tool’ I had many people tell me that Tom was a ‘level four leader’ which meant he was inspiring, solutions focused and creative and empowered all of his leaders to do the same.

What is your energy philosophy or brand?

 Answer the following statements to see how your energy reflects in your team:

1. You are a focused, energized and self motivated leader who finds resources that are needed to bring solutions to self and others———-if you answer ‘yes’ your team is resourceful, and solutions focused.

2. You spend personal time on ‘inspiring yourself’ and you do this through outdoor activities, meditation, reading inspiring material, listening to inspiring music, connecting with inspiring people……..if you answer ‘yes’ your team models your consistent focus on self improvement and they too focus on wellness outside of work .

3. You assess the structures and systems at work (the way things are done) and you encourage the team to bring ideas to improve processes……if you answer ‘yes’ you have a team who looks for ways to improve things rather than complain about things .

4. You truly enjoy helping others to learn and grow and to be the best that he or she can be- THIS energizes you to help others……if you answer ‘yes’ you have a team who ‘feels your love’ and who wants to learn and grow.

5. You are highly aware of how your attitude and energy affects others- you are responsible for the energy you bring into your spaces – you focus on bringing energy that is expansive, inclusive and vibrant…..if you answer ‘yes’ you have a team that is positive and energized the majority of the time.

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above statements I can promise you that your team is a functioning, motivated, energized and productive team. Your team is a direct reflection of you as a leader- tough to hear but true.

So how can you bring more of your true ‘energy’ philosophy or brand to your team?

Get thee to a regular source of energy and inspiration that works for you and be consistent with it! I am amazed at the number of leaders I work with who are so focused on what they can’t do and what others aren’t doing that they are burning out! How much energy is there in that?

Who is responsible for your personal energy approach?

Be openly accountable for your energy so if for example you are not feeling fully resourced and you notice it is affecting the team- step away- put your hands on your chest and breathe deeply for up to ten cycles- in through your nose and out through your mouth and then go back to the situation with your shifted energy.

Use your ability to self regulate energy to shift your approach.

The evolutionary leader recognizes that as humans who are ‘energy fields’ we must use newer and evolved approaches to enhance our own energy and to positively impact the energy of others.



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