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Cheryl Cran is a world-class keynote speaker who has been named as a #1 future of work influencer. Her clients describe her as ‘the best’ at providing context and solutions for a fast changing future in a vibrant and interactive keynote speech delivery style.

As one of the most dynamic female innovation keynote speakers, Cran delivers true value to leaders and teams by helping them transform their thinking from linear to creative and drive innovation for themselves and for their company.

Cran’s approach as an innovation, leadership and creativity keynote speaker includes gathering audience data, and integrating data into a customized keynote as well as real time interaction during the keynote.

Below are the keynote speech options that Cheryl delivers to clients worldwide – each keynote is customized and she can combine elements of each keynote to create a unique presentation for your event.

Keynote - Leading Change in a Post Covid-19 Future

Leading Change In a Post Covid Future - How To Deal With People Challenges in a WFH Reality

The pandemic has accelerated future of work realities such as increased work from home workers and the inherent challenges that come with remote work.

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"Cheryl’s point about seeking to understand and find common ground with the factors that are challenging us, rather than reflexively pushing back and trying to fight those factors, was especially valuable and timely for our industry.”

Annual Meeting Attendee
Eye Bank Association of America

Keynote - Navigating What’s Next in a Post Covid 19 Reality

Navigating What’s Next in a Post Covid-19 Reality

No one predicted that a global pandemic in 2020 would upend the entire way we work and live.

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"I really liked the software the keynote speaker used - probably the best virtual experience I have seen yet (and closest to an in-person experience)."

Annual Meeting Attendee
Eye Bank Association of America

Keynote Leading Virtual Teams

Leading Virtual Teams In A Fast Changing Workplace

In 2020 companies have had to rapidly pivot and adjust to the major disruption of the pandemic

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"The session with Cheryl was dynamic and motivating. The new leadership mindset and intelligences will help organizations, if they're not already using the models, become more successful in team building."

Annual Meeting Attendee
Eye Bank Association of America

Keynote - The Future Is Now

The Future Is Now

How Remote Work Is Here To Stay and What To Do To Succeed In The Future

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“Well we can honestly say Cheryl’s keynote had the most audience engagement maybe ever in our 50 year history of doing this event.
With the texting of questions and the audience polling, the audience was made to feel as part of the conversation – not an easy feat!
Cheryl’s keynote style is creative and models what she talks about ’shared leadership’. ”


Leadership, Keynote, Female Keynote Speaker

The Future of Leadership

What are the attributes, what are the mindsets and what are the secrets to being a change leader driving towards the future of work.

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"Cheryl Cran was our keynote speaker for our annual leadership event and in a word she was outstanding. Cheryl’s unique perspective on the future of work and what is needed for companies to be on the leading edge brought tremendous value for our group. She spent time consulting with myself and the leadership team on our distinct culture and how to leverage what we were already doing well. Our leaders gave two thumbs up for Cheryl’s delivery style which was fast paced, direct and dynamic. In addition, the leaders really enjoyed that Cheryl joined us for our evening social. What I found very valuable as CEO of the company was the survey before event that she incorporated into her keynote as well as the real time polling and texting which really engaged our discerning group of leaders. Cheryl didn’t just talk about the future and trends she actually gave us the change leadership tools to create our next level of success."


Keynote - The Future of Work is Now

The Future of Work is now – are you ready?

What will leaders and their teams have to do to thrive today and beyond to the year 2030?

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“Cheryl was the absolute perfect fit for our Futures Summit - we have a highly discerning group of credit union leaders who pride themselves on being on the leading edge AND Cheryl challenged them to think even more creatively, to stretch their innovation approach as well as to build future strategies based on the fast changing realities in the financial services industry. We would highly recommend Cheryl Cran as a future of work expert and keynote speaker.”

J. Kile
Futures Summit Credit Union Executives MN

Keynote The Best Way to Create The Future is to Map It

The best way to create the future is to map it

Are you and your leaders fully ready to proactively lead into the future?

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“Cheryl worked with us on our first city-wide retreat. The retreat focused on the broad topics of innovation and leadership change. We invited attendees to our retreat that were both internal and external customers to our organization. Cheryl’s expertise could be seen in everything including the pre-planning of the event and during the day-and-half long retreat. During the retreat, Cheryl was masterful in tying together and helping each leader map out their future for themselves and their business.”

City of Coral Gables

Keynote Future Ready Teams

Future ready teams - how to create agile, adaptable & innovative teams

Are your teams unified in vision, focus and purpose?

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Cheryl Cran is not Sheryl Crow but she is a rock star none the less! We had Cheryl as our closing keynote speaker for a series of programs for our leadership teams. Cheryl worked with us on over a dozen events where she delivered to about 6000 leaders on future ready teams. Her ability to weave in the messages of the other presenters, her ability to engage the groups with humor, fun, authenticity and provocative thought was quite simply amazing and EXACTLY what we needed as a close to our events.

VP AT&T University

Keynote The future of attracting & keeping top talent

The future of attracting & keeping top talent

95% of companies surveyed cite a big focus for the future is finding and keeping top talent in the age of robotics, remote workers and increasing competition.

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“Our group rated Cheryl 10 out of 10 as our keynote speaker. She was our highest rated keynote speaker at our conference. She exceeded our expectations!”

CEO National Agra Marketing

Keynote The art of change leadership – driving transformation in a fast paced world

The art of change leadership – driving transformation in a fast paced world

We are living in a time of transformation and YOU are the transformers!

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“Cheryl was a guest expert at our annual leadership conference – she presented on change leadership and recruiting talent. At a high level we found Cheryl’s approach, rapport with the leadership team and models she presented were exactly in line with our goals for conference. The end result is that it left us with wanting to know more about the change cycle and to look more closely at how to better support our leaders to be flexible and agile with ongoing change.”

W.B. Research & Development BASF