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Top Ten Ways to Attract Top Talent in 2018

Top Ten Ways to Attract Top Talent in 2018

We are in an increasingly competitive environment when it comes to attracting top talent. Fortune 500 article indicates there are 5 million jobs that companies are looking to fill in 2018. The days of a recruiter requiring numerous interviews to hire someone are gone for now. A lot of companies are looking at unorthodox and […]

3 Work Trends for 2018

The trends that are impacting 2018 include how we work, the what and the why of work and the technology impact. Check out this week’s video on the 3 trends/focus for 2018. Please share with your colleagues and please do share your comments and thoughts. What do you see as the trends in your workplace […]

Trend Watching 2018 The Year of Convergence

2017 was a big year! We could say that 2017 was the year where all that was hidden or underground came to light. Without question we are going to continue to see massive disruptions in all industries due to technology, automation, AI, robotics and more. The disruption that we will see even more is to […]