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8 Leadership Hacks to Lead Remote Teams

8 Leadership Hacks to Lead Remote Teams

Leadership today requires the ability to effectively lead both in office worker teams AND remote teams. This infographic provides eight leadership hacks to lead remote teams. NextMapping-8-Leadership-Hacks-to-Lead-Remote-Teams-Infographic-2018 Want more future of work infographics that provide insights and resources at a glance? Get them here. 

4 Industries Leveraging Robotics & Automation For Future of Work

Right now, if your business or role involves repetitive tasks it is likely that you have already or will be impacted by robotics and automation. It is irrefutable that we need to expand our perspective to seeing that robots, AI and automation are infiltrating all industries and everyday life. Let’s look at robotics/automation first and […]

Change Leadership Is the Key to Create Future of Work

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it” and he followed that credo in his leadership style. Lincoln like all great leaders knew that the only way to create a new future was to make some major changes. The biggest challenge for leaders in these times […]