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A Human Future – Employee Experience = Customer Experience

A Human Future – Employee Experience = Customer Experience

You’ve heard the phrase ‘the future is now’ – its a human future – employee experience = customer experience. Research has shown that when senior leaders focus on a human future ie/ people first the inevitable results include greater profitability, greater productivity and greater employee AND customer engagement. Companies with highly engaged employees report 20% […]

4 Day Work Week Is Here To Stay

Fast Company recently conducted a poll that confirms the 4 day work week is here to stay. Fast Company followers on LinkedIn said that they would shift their mind about staying with their current employer if they were given the choice of a four day work week. The four day work-week dialogue has been happening for over […]

Defining “Hard Work” In The Hybrid Workplace

There is no question that the new workplace dynamics has created challenges including defining hard work in the hybrid workplace. Here at NextMapping we consider crowdsourcing a key element of customizing customer solutions. In a recent survey for a client in the health industry we asked, “what are your current challenges’ and one of the […]