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4 Ways For Leaders To Shift From Stress To “Flow”

4 Ways For Leaders To Shift From Stress To “Flow”

As a leadership expert, I understand the challenges that leaders face in these disruptive and fast-changing times. The pace of change can be overwhelming, and the pressure to adapt and succeed can create a great deal of stress. However, I firmly believe that stress can be converted into positive solutions that benefit both leaders and […]

4 Crucial Skills Leaders Need To Engage Workers

With the influx of AI tools and solutions people are either panicking or they are adapting. Recently I spoke with an executive in a branding firm who said that they are embracing ChatGPT, DallE and other AI tools. He said that although AI tools are scary with what they can do – creative output from […]

How ChatGPT and AI Are Disrupting Leadership

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been disrupting various industries for several years now, including the field of leadership. With the increase of uptake of ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, the role of leaders is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Leadership is a crucial aspect of any organization, whether it is a small startup or […]