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Future of Work – Where Real Time Creativity Will Rule

Future of Work – Where Real Time Creativity Will Rule

One of the biggest opportunities for organizations to be future ready now is to help people to hone their creativity muscle. 83% of CEO’s say that they worry about their leaders ability to innovate and create at the speed of change. Why is there a ‘creativity gap’ between how business has been done and how […]

Future of Work – ALL Projects ARE Change Leadership Opportunities

I recently was the keynote speaker for a tech conference in Phoenix and a CIO stopped me in the hallway to talk about a major tech rollout they were planning – he was worried because they were launching six technologies that all talk to each other AT ONCE! I asked him if they were doing […]

Future of Work – Robots & Workers Will Collaborate

There has been a lot of social media buzz about robotics and the impact on the workplace. Some industries such as manufacturing are embracing the robotics revolution as it solves the shortage of worker dilemma for repetitive tasks that can be programmed. The fear of robots taking away jobs is prevalent however futurists are saying […]