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Who Is Using AI Right Now and For What Purpose?

Who Is Using AI Right Now and For What Purpose?

While some people are unsure about AI others are using it in multiple ways both personally and professionally. So who is usig AI right now and for what purpose? As the utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly prevalent, it is shaping how we interact with it in our daily lives. From Millennials to Zoomers […]

5 Best Practices for Leading Hybrid Teams

The Hybrid Workplace The hybrid workplace is here to stay. In the latest reading, from a May 2023 Gallup poll, hybrid work trends reveal 52% of U.S. remote-capable employees work in a hybrid environment, 29% are exclusively remote, and 20% work on-site. In addition to the remote work aspect of hybrid workplace, over 71% of workers surveyed […]

The Future Needs Leaders With Masculine & Feminine Attributes

The future needs leaders with masculine & feminine attributes. We are at a very important time and place in the world. Every day we see examples of great and not so great leadership by both men and women, whether in corporations, start ups or politics. Leadership attributes in the past have been primarily masculine in […]