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Future of Work Strategy- Evolutionary Leadership

Future of Work Strategy- Evolutionary Leadership

Leadership strategies and teachings have evolved over the years. The focus on leadership has shifted from ‘autocratic’ and ‘hierarchical’ approaches to much more of a ‘shared leadership’ approach. A Gallup survey in April 2015 found that 50% of those surveyed had quit a job because of a leader. found in a recent survey that […]

How To Be The Leader They STAY For

Statistics and research shows that one of the biggest threats to organizations today is losing good talent to competitors. As the global economy improves more employees are looking for better jobs and specifically in the technology industry where there is a challenge with turnover. I made a statement earlier in this book that people don’t […]

How To Onboard, Train and Develop The Skills of our Future Leaders

Jill who is a twenty something leader recently told me that she had been with her company for six months and that she was looking for work elsewhere. When I asked her why she said that although she was told when she was hired that she would have opportunity for career advancement and growth she […]