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2 Ways That Google Is Making Us All Smarter

2 Ways That Google Is Making Us All Smarter

The Science Journal published this past Friday asserts that Google is making us all smarter. The human brain is reorganizing the way it uses information by sorting between what it needs to know and where it can go to get readily accessible information. Many boomers have generalized that today’s youth have lost the art of ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’ but […]

3 Ways Technology is Helping Us To “Read” People

In a recent article in the Vancouver Province scientists have announced new facialrecognition technology that they say will take away the guesswork of how to communicate effectively with others. This got me to thinking that this technology would challenge the assumption that the younger generations lack the same face to face social skills of their Gen X […]

3 Great Ways for Leaders to Unleash Innovation

We keep hearing about innovation and how in today’s economy it is critical to our success. But what does it mean for our individual businesses or our unique industries? Is innovation just a buzz word that we are hearing but no one knows what to do? True innovation is the ability for leaders to recognize when something has […]