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7 Ways to Successfully Manage “UPWARDS”

7 Ways to Successfully Manage “UPWARDS”

Finding opportunities to manage upwards is not always easy. I was recently working with a group of Gen X and Y leaders who are in the Commercial Real Estate industry. Often when I facilitate a workshop on change and we begin to discuss the impact of different generational attitudes as it relates to change there […]

It’s NOT About the Differences When It Comes to the Generations

I have been delivering presentation on the generations for many years and my book, “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work” has been distributed globally. I am speaking at the Central Exchange Lyceum in Kansas a premier leadership event this month on how to work with each other in a […]

Huffington Post Article on Gen Y’s as GYPSYs: A Limited Viewpoint

You may have seen the viral article published in the Huffington Post claiming that Gen Y’s are full of self importance and because of the gap between their expectations and reality they are unhappy. The article labelled them as “GYPSY’s” to read the article go here: I have trouble with the tone of this […]