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The Key to Breaking Down Silos in the Workplace- Desire!

The Key to Breaking Down Silos in the Workplace- Desire!

It is part of the human ‘wiring’ to want to connect. Scientists and psychologists alike have proven that individuals who have meaningful connections are healthier and happier. Well what if I told you that the key to your work happiness is your desire and willingness to connect across the ‘silos’ ? Many organizations are striving […]

Leading Change In a Fast Paced Workplace Is About Mindset

In my work as an evolutionary leadership and change expert I work with leaders ranging from new leaders to senior executive leaders and the one key factor that stands out with master leaders of change is: mindset. I am not talking about positive attitude here I am talking about an ‘evolved’ mindset that integrates intellectual […]

Focus on the 90% of Your People Who Are Doing a Great Job

I have heard from many leaders over the years who are frustrated with a few of his or her employees who are difficult, under performing or not contributing to the team. When I have listened to those leaders I observe that they exhibit low energy, they use a lot of blaming language and they are […]