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Do Your People Trust Their Leaders?

Do Your People Trust Their Leaders?

I have a question: Do your people trust their leaders? If you answered yes – that’s great your company is future ready! There is science backed research that proves that a trust culture has higher rates of engagement and other benefits. Paul J. Zak a Harvard researcher has researched the relationship between trust, leadership and […]

Future Workplace Insurance 2025

Many industries including insurance are adapting quickly to the many changes impacting the future workplace insurance 2025. AI, automation, robotics, changing worker attitudes are quickly impacting the future of insurance. There is a need for leaders to have upgraded skills such as the ability to have multiple perspectives. Leaders need to be able to lead […]

How To Be Future Ready – Interview with Amber Mac

Cheryl Cran:         I’m really excited today, to have Amber Mac as our guest. Amber please share with our clients your background.  Amber Mac:         Thank you, I’ve been working for almost 20 years now in the technology industry. I started out getting into the weeds at a couple of tech startups in San Francisco. I have a journalism […]