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Top Ten Strategies of Highly Innovative Leaders

Top Ten Strategies of Highly Innovative Leaders

What sets apart a leader and a highly innovative leader? What are the differences in how an innovative leader thinks, creates and executes? Highly innovative leaders have learned to explore others opinions, to mine data from the past and present and to constantly ask questions of ‘everyone’. Often, leaders can become victims of the lone […]

Top 10 Future of Work Innovators

Be future of work ready with the top ten future of work innovators. Are you scared or excited about the future of work? The future of work is coming at us all rapidly – robotics, AI and automation are very real and they are here now. The millenials are in full force and are quickly […]

Future of Work – Where Real Time Creativity Will Rule

One of the biggest opportunities for organizations to be future ready now is to help people to hone their creativity muscle. 83% of CEO’s say that they worry about their leaders ability to innovate and create at the speed of change. Why is there a ‘creativity gap’ between how business has been done and how […]