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Future of Work : 2016 The Year the Workforce Awakens

Future of Work : 2016 The Year the Workforce Awakens

The future of work is here now – is 2016 the year that the workforce awakens? Star Wars – The Force Awakens has surpassed the one billion dollar mark in twelve days of release. Whether you are a fan or not there has definitely been an ‘awakening’ of fans flocking to the film. We went […]

Future of Work – Predictions for 2016

The future of work is now and therefore rather than look at the year 2020 let’s take a look at what the next year will bring for businesses in 2016. Based on research of technology, demographics, HR strategies and more here are predictions for 2016: PC World confirms in a recent article that 2016 will […]

The NEW & Untapped Secret of Leadership Development

There is a new & untapped secret of leadership development. Leadership development is a broad and expansive topic. Just enter the words into Google and you will get 94,400,000 results. My research into the future of work and change leadership  with hundreds of clients reveals that there are ‘new’ skills needed to navigate the future […]