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What Workers Want And How Leaders Can Help Them Succeed

What Workers Want And How Leaders Can Help Them Succeed

Why is it important to care about what workers want? And how can leaders help them succeed? Well even with the onslaught of AI and massive change researchers are saying that we will continue to be in need of workers from now until 2030 and beyond. In today’s work environment, understanding what workers want is […]

3 Reasons Why LYFT Is “Winning” The Ride Share Industry

It appears that recently the brand equity of Lyft is ‘winning’ in the ride share industry. Uber has been in the media over the past year for negative reasons such as poor leadership, low employee morale and disgruntled drivers. Uber has been recovering by shuffling the executive leadership team and soothing unhappy drivers by having […]

Transformational Leadership – A Key Future of Work Strategy

By 2020 70% of future leaders are likely to reject what traditional businesses have to offer and will work independently through digital means. Organizations that are focused on developing transformational leaders will survive and grow. Gen Y’s surveyed by Deloitte are seeking organizations that have transformative leaders and processes and they feel that leaders are […]