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Future of Work Needs Leaders To Lead UP

Future of Work Needs Leaders To Lead UP

Recently I was in Las Vegas delivering a future of work leadership workshop for a major tech firm. I was facilitating a dialogue on the challenges that leaders are facing. One of the challenges identified was succession planning and the lack of progress. I asked the group, “why do you think there has been a […]

Future of Work Is Now Video – Cheryl Cran

There are multiple factors impacting the future workplace today, changing demographics are shifting the entire company cultures around definition of ‘work’. Technology is available to help us work smarter and yet many organizations responded in a survey that only 30% are leveraging what technology can do for the company. In the future workers will be […]

4 Ways to Create Self Managed Work Teams – A Future of Work Strategy

The future of work is here now and companies are looking for the structures and the processes that can speed up the journey to get there. As leaders look for ways to increase employee engagement one of the key strategies is to increase autonomy and meaningful work for everyone. A recent survey by found […]