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3 Transformational Skills Needed by Evolutionary Leaders

3 Transformational Skills Needed by Evolutionary Leaders

The ongoing rapid change we are all experiencing is causing a new kind of chaos in organizations. It’s a chaos that can be viewed as disruptive and perhaps even destructive.  Or is it? In reality the speed of change and innovation in areas of technology and process is forcing a new kind of human adaptation. […]

The Secret Weapon of a Super Hero Leader

          The increasing speed of change requires super hero ability to stay ahead of the changes and to be able to navigate and anticipate and succeed. There is one forgotten secret weapon for many established leaders and that is ‘to remain a student’. Do you remember when you first started your […]

Leading the Change to a Sales & Service Culture

In today’s competitive environment company leaders know that they cannot be complacent when it comes to building a company culture that supports a sales and service focus. There are some industries that are working hard and fast to pivot and turn to meet the realities of the market today. There was a time where businesses […]