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How To Be Future Ready – Interview with Amber Mac

How To Be Future Ready – Interview with Amber Mac

Cheryl Cran:         I’m really excited today, to have Amber Mac as our guest. Amber please share with our clients your background.  Amber Mac:         Thank you, I’ve been working for almost 20 years now in the technology industry. I started out getting into the weeds at a couple of tech startups in San Francisco. I have a journalism […]

How To Flex In Times of Flux

Are you inundated with massive change? Join the club! We are in a time where it is imperative that we all get better at learning how to flex in times of flux. Definition of ‘flex’: To move or tense Definition of ‘flux’: Synonym for ‘change’ The speed of change and information that we are dealing […]

How To Attract & Retain Talented People

The biggest ‘how’ question right now keeping leaders up at night is, “how to attract and retain talented people” There is a war for talent going on and in this fast changing global economy businesses from many industries are feeling the pinch. The unemployment rate as of November 2018 was at all-time low of 5.6% […]