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New Leadership Language Needed For Future Workplace

New Leadership Language Needed For Future Workplace

The evolution of leadership from autocratic to inclusive is a journey that many leaders are still looking to master. Making the change from a mindset of authority and power towards a mindset of sharing successes and equalization of power is a big one. One of the key ingredients of leading change is the ability to […]

The Future of Leadership is Shared Leadership Where Everyone is a Leader

  Everyone in the organization sets up a constitution with rules to adhere to. The group decides to distribute tasks. Those responsible for tasks own them. There is no micro-management. Brian Robertson     The above quote is from the founder of the Holacracy movement made known by the recent announcement from Zappos that the […]

What To Do When A Team Member “Goes Rogue”

I was standing in the line up for Starbucks early this morning before boarding my flight to Denver when I overheard two leaders behind me talking about each of their teams. The first woman says, “oh my god, Jane has gone rogue on me” and the second woman says, “what did she do?” and the […]