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3 Solutions and Strategies for Today’s Workplace

3 Solutions and Strategies for Today’s Workplace

There are typically two challenges within an organization. The first is structure- many organizations may have outgrown their original structure- the structure no longer supports the direction.

Help! What To Do When Your Boss Won’t Ride the Technology Train

I just worked with a group of meeting planners in San Francisco- these meeting planners are corporate planners within multinational organizations. My presentation to this group was on the topic of convergence. Integrating technology with business strategy and human output.

3 Ways for CEO’s to Manage Their Time (Hint It’s Related to Money)

In a recent Wall Street Journal article there was a series of surveys to CEO’s around the globe asking them how much time they spent in meetings. The majority of the respondents stated that a third of their time was spent in meetings. A survey conducted of Italian CEO’s determined that internal meetings that focused on leadership […]