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Best Practices To Resolve Tough Challenges

Best Practices To Resolve Tough Challenges

Have you ever wondered what the biggest challenges are that my clients are facing or that organizations are facing? Today I am going to share with you the three challenges that I would say

Future Leadership Training- Point and Ask

The recent Trendwatching 2012 report focused on ‘point and buy’ technology as being the biggest trend in 2012. It is an emerging trend as retailers pick up the technology. E-Bay is working on an app that when you point your smart phone at an item E-Baby will automatically look for the item and match it […]

Gen X and Y Leading The Way to “Collaborative Consumption”

World News reported recently that new start ups by Gen X and Y are out to overthrow big business as rulers of the marketplace. Today’s entrepreneurs are catering to a new generation that would rather share cars than own them, raise capital from peers instead of borrowing from banks and live in communities versus own their own homes.