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Top 10 Future of Work Innovators

Top 10 Future of Work Innovators

Be future of work ready with the top ten future of work innovators. Are you scared or excited about the future of work? The future of work is coming at us all rapidly – robotics, AI and automation are very real and they are here now. The millenials are in full force and are quickly […]

4 Leadership Trends 2017 – Are You Ready?

There are four leadership trends coming in 2017 – are you ready? 2016 has been quite the year – major disruptions, political instability, business mergers, and fast changing workplace dynamics. The rapid pace of change is not going away, rather it is the new normal. Rather than be afraid of the future we can focus […]

Why “Managing Change” is NOT The Future of Work

Managing change is not the way forward to the future of work. The speed and rapidity of technological innovations means that a change management approach is not fast enough or agile enough for the current and future business realities. Managing change is often applied as a reactionary approach whereas leading change is the proactive and […]