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Future of Work – 3 Types of People Needed Today

Future of Work – 3 Types of People Needed Today

The future of work is here with us now. What does it take for leaders and teams to be ready and to have the skills needed to match the speed of change and the speed of technology? It takes a new operating system and specifically a new leadership operating system. Leaders and teams need to […]

The Upgraded Leadership Operating System

In a previous post I talked about the recruiting and retention of good people challenges that keep many a CEO up at night. And there is another challenge that organizations and leaders have right now and that is upgrading the skills and the abilities of the leadership. Traditional training modules on leadership skills, communication skills, […]

Recruiting For the Future Workplace Today

You have heard about it and CEO’s are kept awake at night worrying about it. The war for talent for the future workplace today. Questions like: Where do we find high performing talent who can fit into our culture and hit the ground running? How do we align our need for talent with our willingness […]